The Stafford Opera House, located at 435 Spring St. in Columbus, Texas, was built by in 1886 by R.E. Stafford and the architect was N.J. Clayton.  R.E. Stafford was a millionaire cattleman and N.J. Clayton was a distinguished architect who built many grand buildings in Texas.

The first floor of the Stafford Opera House was the R.E. Stafford Bank, while the second floor was a theater.  Many well known plays have been preformed in this theater.  It is the largest flat-floored opera house in Texas and is currently restored to the way it was originally built in 1886.

The Columbus Historical Preservation Trust maintains and owns the Stafford Opera House which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  Currently the Opera House has the Columbus Historical Preservation Trust office, Columbus Chamber of Commerce, other business offices, and meeting rooms on the first floor, while the second floor still has theatrical performances, wedding and other events.