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The Hopkins Collection

Mary Elizabeth Youens Hopkins was born in 1913 and received her first Santa Claus at just 6 months old. She began collecting in the early 1970s and her extensive collection includes Santas made from a variety of materials such as cast iron, china, basket weave, com shucks, bottle glass, magazines, fabric, dough, and wood.

After her death in January 1990, the Hopkins family donated her entire collection of more than 2,500 pieces to CHPT. It was Mrs. Hopkins’ collection that launched the Santa Claus Museum.

The Luman Collection

Elaine and Merle Luman have been collecting Santas throughout their marriage. The Lumans have traveled the world, reflected in the Santas they’ve collected over the years. Russian nesting Santas and an Asian interpretation of Santa are highlights in their unique collection. Exquisite needlepoint, handmade by Mrs. Luman, and vintage cooking molds are rare pieces.

The Lumans donated their impressive collection to CHPT in 2019, prompting the expansion of Santa Claus Museum to include a second room.

The Hubenak Collection

Neva Lou and Al Hubenak moved to Columbus after passing through town one spring and falling in love with its charm.  Al was a member of the CHPT Board of Directors for eight years and conducted city bus tours and historical site visits for CHPT for 10 years.

The Huenaks began collecting Santas in the late 1990s. Their enjoyable hobby quickly grew and after 20 years, the Hubenaks amassed a collection of more than 400 Santa figurines, dolls, artwork, and other collectibles. The Hubenaks donated their expansive collection to the Santa Claus Museum in 2019. Along with the Hopkins and Luman collections, it brings joy to all those who seek the Christmas Spirit.

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